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Major in African American Studies


Code Title Credits
A.   Compulsory courses
AFA 2000 Introduction to African-American Studies 3
AFA 3110 Key Issues in African-American and Black-Atlantic Thought 3
AFA 4936 African-American Studies Senior Integrative Seminar 3
AFA 3850 Research Methods in African-American History 3
B. CORE. Select three:
AFA 3332 Black Feminist and Womanist Theory 3
AFA 3350 Black Masculinity 3
AFA 3354 Race, Religion and Rebellion 3
AFA 3356 African American Religion 3
AFA 3357 Civil Rights and Religion 3
AFA 3360 Archaeology of African-American Life and Culture 3
AFA 3363 The Black Experience: Psychological Perspectives 3
AFA 4352 Black Hair Politics 3
AFA 4430 Black Lives Matter 3
AMH 4575 Civil Rights Movements 3
POS 4077 African American Politics and Policy 3
POS 4624 Race, Law and the Constitution 3
AFA 3915C Mentoring At-Risk Youth 3
AFA 4135 Theories of Black America 3
AFH 4930 History Research Seminar: Africa
AMH 4930 History Research Seminar: US
ENC 3254 Professional Writing in the Discipline
POS 4734 Research Methods in Political Science

C. Choose 3 AFA-approved courses



Total Credits 30
Course List

The same course may not be used to meet two different requirements.


The African-American Studies Program currently sponsors one study abroad course. This is a two-credit African Americans in Paris course that is offered during the spring semester, and includes the study of the African-American cultural, historical and political experience in Paris, France. Students travel to Paris during spring break.


Students may also declare a double major in African American Studies and another Bachelor of Arts program (for example, African American Studies and Political Science) or a dual degree in African American Studies and a Bachelor of Science program or a field in a college outside of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (for example, African American Studies and Journalism). In order to do so, please download and fill out the double major or dual degree forms that can be found at Follow the instructions for approvals carefully.

Contact Dr. David Canton for information about the major and minor in African American Studies , 1012 Turlington Hall; 352-273-3060).