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Courses That Meet Diversity and Writing Requirements

View the table below to see what courses satisfy which requirements.

Course NameHumanitiesWritingSocial & BehavioralInternationalDiversity
African American Religion (AFA 3930)Yes
The African Diaspora (AFA 3240)6,000 words
The Archaeology of African American Life (AFA 3360)2,000 wordsYes
Black Englishes (AFA 3930) YesYes
The Black Experience: Psychological Perspectives (AFA 3930)YesYes
Black Feminist/Womanist Theory (AFA 3332)6,000 words
Black Masculinity (AFA 3350)Yes6,000Yes
Caribbean 19th-20th Century (AFA 3930)YesYes
Civil Rights and Religion (AFA 3930) Yes4,000 words
Geography of Africa (AFA 3930)YesYes
Haitian Voodoo (AFA 3930)Yes
Introduction to African American Studies (AFA 2000) Yes4,000 words
Key Issues in African American and Black Atlantic Thought (AFA 3110)Yes6,000 wordsYes
Martin and Malcolm (AFA 3930)Yes6,000 words
Mentoring At-Risk Youth Haitian Voodoo (AFA 3930)YesYes
Minorities in American Society (AFA 3930)YesYes
Philosophy of Race (AFA 3930) Yes
Women of Color in the U.S. (AFA 3930)YesYes