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Both paid and unpaid internships benefit students in many ways.  The most significant benefit students receive is work experience.  They are also able to network with individuals that they can later contact when searching for employment after graduation.

In addition, students can earn college credit for their internships.  In African American Studies, students can earn three hours of credit for AFA 4940 African American Studies Internship if they fill out a form that can be found in the main office (103 Walker Hall) and get the signatures of an AFA faculty member and of the Director of the Program.

On the left side of the page and below is a listing of several categories of internships including those in African American studies, anthropology and archaeology, business, and politics and civil rights.  Most of these internships are for students from all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

In addition, there is a link to the Career Resource Center at UF is located on the first floor of the Reitz Union and offers a number of services to our students ranging from resume preparation, internship listings, job listings, career workshops, etc.

We also have included a link to the Samuel C. Proctor Oral History Program’s Internship program that educates students about the importance of oral histories.  In September 2013, these students will travel to the Mississippi Delta as part of the Mississippi Freedom Project and will work with veteran civil rights activists and community organizers.  For more information, contact Dr. Paul Ortiz at or see

African American Studies Internships

Paid Summer Internship in African American Studies  (Legacy of Slavery Research Division)

African American Registry (Educational Field Work Initiative)

Anthropology and Museum Internships allow students to complete research projects based on their work in education, fundraising, public relations, and history at various museums.

The African American Civil War Memorial Museum Internship

The African American Museum of Iowa

The ARTS Intern Paid Internship Program in New York City

The Idealist Organization offers jobs and internships in anthropology and in other fields

Getty Internship at the California African American Museum

University of Florida Historical Archaeology Field School sponsored by Professor James Davidson at the Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville, Florida

Internships in Various States

Internships with the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Harn Museum Internships at the University of Florida

The Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Cable News Network (CNN)


 INROADS INTERNSHIPS place “underserved” youth in businesses and industries and prepares them for corporate careers.

NAFEO (National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education) Internships are full-time, paid, summer internships in finance, engineering, accounting, and computer science.

For Information on Other Internship Programs

Career Resource Center at UF

Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida

Minority Access National Inclusion Internship Program

Politics and Civil Rights

Capital Semester Public Policy or Political Journalism Internships in Washington, D.C.

Central Intelligence Agency Internships, Career, and Scholarship Programs

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Leadership Initiative Internships and Scholarships

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Internships for Students interested in federal discrimination lawsuits.

Florida Gubernatorial Fellows Program for students interested in legislative politics and public policy.

Institute for Responsible Citizenship Program for African American Males in all fields

Tallahassee Internship Program for students with an interest in working for the Florida legislature

The Washington Center Internship Program in Washington, DC

U.S. Housing and Urban Development Internships

Washington Internship Program for students interested in internships in the D.C. metropolitan area

The White House Public Leadership Service Internship Program

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity Internships for students interested in corporate law, investment banking, and non-profit organizational work.

Student loan debt has grown over 300% in the past 8 years, placing more of a financial burden across students nationwide. According to the U.S. Department of Education this affects minority students disproportionately: statistically they borrow more in student loans, are more likely to drop out due to problems securing funding, and are left with higher levels of student debt once they graduate. Fortunately, there are opportunities available to help these students avoid unnecessary debt. To help with this our team has created a guide to financial aid for minority students.

This guide answers the big questions, such as:

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