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Teaching Careers

Many students with degrees in African American Studies pursue teaching careers.  There are several links on the left side of the page that describe programs that prepare individuals to teach in public schools and in colleges and universities.

The Teach for America Program is an excellent one that allows college graduates to teach in urban and rural schools for two years.  It also provides assistance with the repayment of student loans.

The City Year Program allows students to tutor at-risk school children for one year.  Each participant assists students with their school work both before and after school.  They also interact with their parents and participate in community activities.

The mission of the Men Teach organization is to recruit male teachers (especially men of color) in public schools.  The link on the left side includes a listing of funding opportunities for male (and female) teachers including a loan forgiveness program for students who teach in underserved communities.

The Breakthrough Internship Program trains teachers to work in 25 cities nationwide.  These teachers tutor middle school students and prepare them for college.

These are just a few of the programs and organizations students can participate if they want to become educators.