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Each year, the African American Studies Program sponsors the African Americans in Paris course.  During spring break, Dr. Sharon Austin accompanies undergraduate and graduate students to Paris, France.  While there, they tour museums and institutions that are of relevance to the African American and African experience in Paris.  These include, but are not limited to, visits to the Chateau de Monte Cristo where Alexandre Dumas wrote some of his most famous books, the Pantheon where several prominent people of African descent are buried, Le Beau Chene which was the home of entertainer Josephine Baker, and the Louvre Museum where the Mona Lisa and other paintings are housed.  Students are also able to visit other sites during their free evenings such as the Eiffel Tower, other museums, restaurants, and libraries.  For more information, contact Dr. Austin at


African Americans in Paris Spring Break Course

The African American Studies Program is in the process of arranging a summer study abroad program in Ghana, West Africa and also encourages our students to participate in other UF programs.

For more information on some of the study abroad programs you may be interested in check out the programs below.