African Americans in Paris Spring Break 2019 Course

Published: October 1st, 2018

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Dr. Sharon Austin will teach the African Americans in Paris class during the spring break of 2019.  She will also give a presentation and host a class information session on October 16th at 2pm in the large conference room of the international center (In the Hub).  If you would like information, please contact her at  You can also find videos from the class on the UF African American Studies Program’s youtube page (

The class studies the history, culture, and politics of African Americans who left the U.S. and moved to Paris, France.  The class will visit several historic sites such as the home of Josephine Baker, Versailles Palace, the Louvre Museum, and will also take walking tours of Parisian neighborhoods such as the predominantly African/Caribbean Goutte d’Or neighborhood and the Latin Quarter.  In addition, students will travel to Nantes, France to visit a slavery museum, hear a lecture on slavery in France, and visit the site where slaves were transported from Africa to Paris.

You can register for the class by clicking on  The deadline for deposits is December 1st.

Power Point Presentation: Paris-Presentation-for-Site

Syllabus: African Americans in Paris 2019 Syllabus


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