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African American Studies Offers New Summer C Internship

AFA 4940, sec. 7D50 :: Meets Tuesdays, periods 2-3 (9:30am-12:15pm)

Students enrolled in this internship will work at the intersections of Ethnic Studies and oral history, conducting interviews, engaging with community members, and helping with the back-end and the public outreach aspects of maintaining a public oral history archive. We will put particular emphasis on the Truth and Reconciliation efforts currently being organized by Alachua County as well as in the town of Newberry, and consider these within the broader context of the history of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions internationally and also specifically within the United States. Oral history gives us a chance to explore subjectivity, interiority, and a vast depth and breadth of meanings and experiences that are often silenced by traditional archives. This internship will help students to develop research and digital humanities skills that can break those silences.