AFA Faculty Win Grants!

Published: June 12th, 2018

Category: News

Several of the African American Studies core faculty members, affiliate faculty members, and advisory board members are members of research teams that have been awarded Intersections Grants from the Mellon Foundation (organized by the Center for the Humanities and Public Sphere).  See the information below and information in the link below for information about each of the four grants:
The African American Studies faculty, affiliates, and advisory board members involved in these grants are:
Tanya Saunders, Manoucheka Celeste, Bryce Henson, Ben Hebblethwaite, Paul Ortiz, Nick Vargas, Chris Busey, Agnes Leslie, Stephanie Birch, Katheryn Russell-Brown, Lauren Pearlman, and Sharon Austin.  Sophia Acord and Barbara Mennel of the Center for the Humanities also assisted with these grants.

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