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Changes to the African American Studies Major

Beginning in July 2016, African American Studies majors and minors will no longer have to complete two seminars.  The Senior Integrative Seminar II is being eliminated.  The new requirements for the major are:

12 credits of required coursework:

    • AFA 2000 Introduction to African American Studies
    • AFA 3110 Key Issues in African American & Black Atlantic Thought
    • AFA 4936 Integrative Senior Seminar
    • One AFA Course from a list of courses taught by core faculty and affiliates

3 credits of applied, experiential, or research methods chosen from:

    • AFA 3850 Research Methods in African American History
    • AFA 3915C Mentoring At-Risk Youth
    • AFA 4135 Theories of Black America
    • AFH 4930 History Research Seminar: Africa
    • AMH 4930 History Research Seminar: U.S.
    • ENC 3254 Professional Writing in the Discipline
    • ENC 2305 Analytical Writing and Thinking
    • POS 4734 Research Methods in Political Science
    • REL 3931 Junior Seminar
    • REL 4932 Thesis Seminar in Religion
    • STA 2023 Intro to Statistics 1
    • STA 2122 Statistics for Social Science
    • STA 3024 Introduction to Statistics 2
    • STA 4322 Introduction to Statistics Theory
    • WST 4935 Capstone Seminar.

6 credits of AFA-prefixed courses at the 3000-level or higher

Remaining 9 credits from AFA-prefixed courses (any level) or AFA-approved courses (listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. (link to